06 February 2008

Hot, Spicy Foods: Three Ways to Stop the Burn

Don’t Drink Water
And water does not neutralize capsaicin. In fact, all water does is spread the capsaicin around your mouth more, which can make the burning sensation worse.

Alcohol Bad
Beverages that contain alcohol also don’t help stop the burn caused by spicy foods. In fact, alcoholic beverages will probably magnify the burn.

Try Drinking Milk

In fact, the fats found in all dairy products—like milk, buttermilk, and yogurt—seem to be able to counteract the burning sensation caused by eating spicy foods.

Eat Rice or Bread

If you’re eating spicy foods and things start to get a little too hot, eat some rice or bread. Both will absorb the capsaicin that’s making your mouth burn. Bananas can also help.

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