26 March 2008

[REVIEW] Nanric Road - Tomato 'N Chilli Mustard

Nanric Road are based in the Bay of Plenty and they make a huge range of condiments. I was given some Tomato N Chilli Mustard as a gift at Christmas.

Jar size: 130gm, glass
Ingredients: Mustard 68%, Vinegar, Honey, Tomato, Chilli
Best Before: 08/08
Refrigerate after opening

I like whole grain mustards as a spread on sandwiches and on BBQ'ed meats, but not obsessed about them, and only occasionally will have it. This jar sat around for at least a month, possibly six weeks before I tried it.

Well was I shocked I assumed it would have just a little chilli burn, wrong. You know there is chilli in this mustard, awesome. Once I had had a taste it was like I was trying to find meals and food where I could add this spread. I was having it every day with lunch and most evening meals. I finished the jar off rather quickly.

If you like mustard and like chilli's you have to give this a go.

It's not a Hot Sauce but a product with chilli in it with burn so it is still worthy for a 8.5/10 Get some, try it.

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