28 December 2008

Top 3 "Must Have" Hot Chilli Sauces for New Zealanders

Hot and spicey food is very un-New Zealand, but there are more and more of us spicing up our lives. Over the last year or so I have started my hunt for hot sauces available in New Zealand. Here is a mini-list of 3 hot sauces I must have on hand at all times

1. Orcona Chipotle (this makes pizza magical)

2. Huffman's Hot Sauce (infinitely better then Tabasco)

3. Waha Wera Kiwifruit & Habanero (available at New Worlds, I personally don't like kiwifruit flavour that much, but this is amazing)

As I work my way through other hot chilli sauces I discover around New Zealand I will add to this list.

Other chilli condiments worthy of a mention:

Orcona - Pickled Jalapenos, Harissa, and Red Hot Rocoto Relish
Jonathan's Spices - Chilli Rock Salt and Smoked Chilli Oil

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