08 March 2008

Gringo Killer - Oratia Farmers Market

Last weekend the weather was horrible, but today it was glorious. So I headed out to the Oratia Farmers Market in west Auckland.

The main motivator was because they had a stand selling "Chilli Preserves", Gringo Killer.

Gringo Killer has an extensive range of hot chilli sauces which I tried to sample all of them but once the burn builds it is hard to judge the flavours. The hot chilli sauces were in 330ml bottles and priced at $15.00.

I got a bottle of Big Conjones Chilli Sauce made with Habaneros. Product shot and tasting notes to follow.

Once I work my way though this I will need to get some samples of the other products to try.

Check out the website - Gringo Killer

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