06 March 2008

[REVIEW] - Chilli & Tomato Sauce by Urban Appetite

I thought I better get started on the reviews of the hot sauces I have been trying. Today I had one that I have a strong opinion of, and it isn't positive.


Brand: Urban Appetite
Product: Chilli & Tomato Sauce
Bottle: 250ml

Ingredients: Tomatoes(65%), white vinegar, water, onions, chilli powder (1%), salt, sugar, canola oil, herbs, spices.

Serving Suggestions: Use with barbecued meats or to marinate prawns before grilling. Drizzle over potato wedges and top with sour cream.

Made in New Zealand by Wild Appetite Ltd, 40 Taradale Grove, North Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand

Best Before - 24 Aug 09

I was given this as a gift, as friends and family know I and a chilli head. I was excited to try something new.

Well on the initial try I was seriously underwhelmed , actually to the point of being disappointed.

This tasted like someone had gone into the spice cabinet and pulled out the old herbs and spices and dumped them into some tomato sauce. The focus being on some old chilli powder. It is one dimensional tomato sauce with just a hit of stale chilli powder.

I left is a few weeks and tried it again today, and it is just a poor product to the point I have thrown the 80% full bottle away (recylcing the bottle of course).

The food technologist that created this should be fired, or maybe the marketing/accountants driving the new product specifications should be. It is a shame that most of these products from Wild Appetite are probably given as gifts, especially if this is what you get.

Rating: 1/10 (the one for the fact they used chilli, maybe it should be 0 as it was a sad use of chilli)

(for a poor product I haven't made much effort for a product shot)

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